SUMMER Street Dance Classes


SUMMER Street Dance Classes (6 week block)

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SUMMER Street Dance Classes (6 week block) for kids from age 3-18
Beginning 1st July

JUNIORS is on Mondays @ 11.00-12noon and is for kids in p3-p4

INTERMEDIATES is on Mondays @ 12.00-1.30pm and is for kids in p5-p7

SENIORS is on Mondays @ 3.30-5.00pm and is for yr8+

J-CREW is on Wednesdays @ 2.00-4.00pm invite only

SENIOR CREW is on Wednesdays @ 4.00-6.00pm invite only

MINIS is on Saturdays @ 10.00-11.00am and is for kids in preschool-p1

MINORS is on Saturdays @ 11.00-12noon and is for kids in p1-p2